EVERSPACE 2 Looks Like the Space Game We’ve All Been Waiting For [VIDEO]

Hot damn! Everspace 2 looks friggin’ amazing! The good people at Rockfish look to have a winner on their hands. That’s good news for us. Woo hoo!

A few years ago, Rockfish did a Kickstarter campaign for Everspace and the game was a surprise hit. Turns out over a million gamers wanted to fly around space, have adventures and blow shit up. Who knew? All of us. We all knew. We have been waiting and waiting.

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So what’s an indy game outfit to do next? Fuckin’ Everspace 2! Yes!

Open world, first person looter, shooter. Sweet spaceships and tons to do. We are in. Now for the sad news. Rockfish says they’ll need another 8 to 10 months of development and the game probably won’t be ready for PlayStation until 2022. I know. That’s a kick in the chicklets. Until then, we think we’ll just watch this trailer on a loop as we wait for more updates. Damn though. Everspace 2 looks amazing.

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