Monkey Power! Black Myth: Wukong – Official Trailer

Chinese developer Game Science has a new one. Black Myth: Wukong. What did you think of the trailer? We’d play it.

Come on, who doesn’t want to go toe-to-toe with the villainous Rat people? I do. Better yet, you’re Monkey! Not just any Monkey either. Looks like you’re Sun Wukong! You got powers galore.

Sun Wukong is a character from Journey to the West, a Chinese novel published in 1592. Whaaaaat? I know. Pretty crazy, right?

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Long story short: A dude goes on a mythic quest and he finds some help along the way. One of the dudes helping is Sun Wukong, an overpowered Monkey born of stone. Abilities galore. Super speed, strength, the whole nine. At some point Sun betrayed the gods that made him and now he’s being punished by walking the earth and doing heroic deeds of daring do. (Told you it would be short version.)

Now back to the game. Honestly, it looks visually good! However, judging from the trailer it might be lacking in the ol’ variation department. It looks so standard. Beat minion. Beat boss. Beat bigger boss. Beat ultimate boss. All of them slight variations of the previous. Blah.

Hoping I’m wrong. Journey to the West is an epic novel with tons of story. Let’s hope Black Myth: Wukong has lots more of those elements in the actual game.

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