Jackson Browne. Sunday Jams.

It hit me like a thunderbolt out of the blue last night. I knew exactly who I should feature on Sunday Jams. Jackson Browne. It’s perfect.

This week is a little different as today is also Valentine’s Day. The first instinct is to do some loose collection of songs about true love, romance and all that stuff. Those are fine. Those songs are always worth a listen. I wanted to go just a bit deeper than some salute to true love. Let’s get into the highs and lows. The real emotion of it all. If you’ve ever spent time on the road, away from it all, wishing you were somewhere else? These all hit a little harder.

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Hard to find a better representation of that feeling than Jackson Browne. Dude nails it. Love, longing, heartache and redemption are all there. Especially on his stellar 1977 album Running on Empty. This is one of those near perfect listens. Absolute brilliance. Lyrically and melodically. I’m gonna give a few tracks today but you gotta listen to the whole album. Not sure they make ’em like this anymore. They should.

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