Heart’s ‘Barracuda’–Absolute Banger!

Just stop reading and play the video. Nothing I can write can come close to what this song has to say. Just an absolute piece of perfection. Crank this up.

But if you want me to gush? I’ll gush. I will heap praise on this song till the end of time. First? Let’s start with that iconic guitar riff. Just driving like a team of fucking wild horses. Then the drums. WTF!? So good! And changing rhythms. The syncopation. Not enough? What about the lead guitars? The harmonics and the dueling leads? Just screaming, but with a killer melody on their own.

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Now we’re gonna put it over the top with the vocals of Ann Wilson. Hot damn. So good. Just sweet, sweet, sonic fire. Not sure how many songs are in a league with Heart’s “Barracuda.” Not many, that’s for sure.

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