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Dr. Seuss is cancelled. No surprise that social justice warriors pushed for it. But do you know who else is on board with it? Dr. Seuss Enterprises. If this upsets you, that’s fine. But don’t just be angry, do something positive. You can make a difference by saying so long to Seuss and discovering new authors and new books—for young and old alike.

Six of Dr. Seuss’s books have been deemed hurtful, wrong, or whatever. Dr. Seuss Enterprises has agreed and is withdrawing them from print. And just like that, within a day or so, American society went from universally embracing Dr. Seuss to “knowing” that he was “problematic.” Truly, it is a testimony to how thoroughly progressives control all of society and how conservatives and libertarians have no influence whatsoever over any aspect of it.

So we’re where we are today: progressives cheering on the cancellation and conservatives, libertarians, and others complaining about it. The complaints, of course, won’t change anything. There is no going back. Dr. Seuss is cancelled.

But if you’re upset with it, there is something you can do to make a difference. You can discover new authors and new books, and you can make them the new culture. And if you haven’t yet guessed, the first author I’m going to recommend that you discover is . . . me.

That’s right. If you’ve been following me here at The Loftus Party, you know I write fiction. Indeed, fiction is where I focus most of my energy. “Thor vs. the Valkyries” is my latest story. Get it now at Amazon and read a little bit more about it at this previous post here at TLP. It’s an action-packed tale about betrayal and retribution. It’s for adults, but there is no swearing and no sex. It does feature some intense scenes, but probably not any more intense than what you’d find in the Jabba the Hutt scenes in Return of the Jedi.

And if you’re looking for a book for young adults, you definitely want to pick up Her True Self, which is a fast-reading novella that Oregon Muse at Ace of Spades called “quite touching.”

Once you grab my books, here’s a sample of all the other great fiction you can find from other authors.

David Dubrow is the author (using the penname of F. Kim O’Neill) of The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse and many more books. He and I got to know one another and we collaborated on the Appalling Stories series of anthologies. Pick up his sensational stories.

C. S. Johnson writes fiction, and I mean a lot of fiction. The Legend of Eydis “is a dark fantasy adventure inspired by Icelandic history and true love,” and it’s one of her most recent books. She contributed to one of the Appalling Stories anthologies. Pick up her superb stories.

Mike Baron writes, and writes, and writes. His Biker series of books are popular. And where’s the best place to start with said series? Why with book number 1, which is also titled Biker. Mike contributed to one of the Appalling Stories anthologies. Pick up his stupendous stories.

R. M. Huffman is a doctor, artist, has a healthy amount of kids, and writes fiction. In fact, he writes fiction for adults (The Antediluvian Legacy—Leviathan is book one) and wee ones (Toot Fairy). He contributed to (you guessed it) one of the Appalling Stories anthologies. Pick up his stunning stories.

A. W. Hart is the house name for Wolfpack Publishing. And when I saw Legend of the Black Rose, I instantly wanted to read it (which I’m in the midst of doing right now). Since Hart is a penname used by many folks, I don’t have a disclaimer to add here. Pick up Hart’s satisfying stories.

And there are plenty more fiction authors. I regularly feature a bunch of different ones and their books here at TLP. As an aside, I put my money where my mouth is. Every book that I mentioned above I have purchased.

Dr. Seuss is gone. Sure, not all of his books are banned yet, but give it some time. You can’t do anything about that. But you can make a difference by discovering new authors and new fiction—new authors who don’t hate their own work.

Buy our books and become our fans. I can guarantee you I’ll sure appreciate it.

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