We Need This: Hot Wheels Unleashed – Announcement Trailer

Some dreams come true. Behold: Hot Wheels Unleashed. This is the announcement trailer for the racing game that I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Looks like we’ll only have to wait until September 30, 2021 for all our dreams to come true.

When you’re a kid, building a track and racing your toy cars, you ALWAYS wanted to be IN the car. Seeing what the driver would see as you careened down the most insane tracks ever imagined. Loops, jumps, racing against your friends. Now we’re going to be able to do it! Fuck, yes! Count me in! One hundred percent!

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It’s all here: The cars. (Special shout out to the sound editor in the clip. The noise of the car hitting the ground? Perfection.) The tracks. The jumps. The loops. You can build your own! Come on! Sep. 30 can’t come soon enough.

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2 comments on “We Need This: Hot Wheels Unleashed – Announcement Trailer

  1. Paul Hair says:

    I used to have a lot of Hot Wheels-style cars as a kid. Not sure how many were genuine Hot Wheels, but some of them were. Used to get them at the local Western Auto Supply.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      Yup! Now you can drive those cars! HA! that’s why I’m so jazzed about the game.

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