Led Zeppelin on Sunday Jams

Please don’t think this was easy. Led Zeppelin on Sunday Jams. You know I only pick three. How do you only pick three songs from one of the best bands of all time? It’s hard. You give it some thought. You second guess. Then you decide that maybe soon you’ll just do a Sunday Jams with Zep part two. Only halfway joking about that. There’s just so much fantastic music.

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Today, however, I’ll just follow my heart and go with the vibe. Yeaaaah. So, here they are. Representing the mood for right now. This very minute. Three songs from Led Zeppelin for Sunday Jams.

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3 comments on “Led Zeppelin on Sunday Jams

  1. Christopher Leete says:

    Legendary jams!

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      It’s really wild to think about just how much legendary music they made. Hard to find a BAD song! HA!

  2. Michael Loftus says:

    The whole Immigrant song use in Thor was set up brilliantly. They also used it in the opening sequence to show Thor really kicking ass. When he’s determined? That song plays. Payed off huge in 3rd act.

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