Military Leaders Denounce Tucker while They Call Troops ‘Extremists’

This week, Tucker Carlson of Fox News rightly noted how American military leaders are focused on weakening our armed forces while Chinese leaders are focused on winning wars. In response to this, our military leaders attacked Carlson, accusing him of disrespecting American troops. As despicable as this is, it becomes even more despicable when recalling how our military leaders are currently attacking American troops as “white supremacists” and “extremists,” and vowing to remove them from the armed forces.

As I noted years ago, our leaders are doing everything they can to undermine the readiness of American military forces. Carlson recently noted something similar. In response, the leaders in the DOD attacked him and boasted about their commitment to the cult of “diversity.”

Not only are these the same military leaders who have remained silent while the Democratic Party undermined America during its wars against Islamic terrorism for the past 20 years, and not only are these the same leaders who conveniently ignore that the Democrats have undermined America in every other way since at least the Vietnam War, but these are the same military leaders who are actively calling American troops “racists” and “extremists,” and they are vowing to remove them from the services.

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Indeed, these same leaders remained silent when Biden (who stole the presidential election) said that military vets “were fueling the ‘growth of white supremacy.’”

Conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans surrendered the armed forces to the Democrats just like they’ve surrendered every other institution. Thus, the DOD is gone. It is now an organization that hates law-abiding American citizens and all that is good.

Top image via the website of the contemptible Department of Defense.

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