‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ – Final Trailer

Yup. We are ready for this one. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Coming to Disney Plus this Friday! March 19 baby! Let’s go.

Here’s some of the reasons we’re so stoked. This just FEELS more like the Marvel we expect. It’s cinematic. This trailer legit looks like movie theater quality and aspect ratios. Not like WandaVision that looked like TV. We know that was the premise of Wanda but…meh. I don’t want TV. I want a cinematic experience. More good stuff from the trailer. Big budget action. The Falcon swooping around? Shit blowing up? Yup. Keep it coming.

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And we are more than ready to see good old fashioned “buddy cop show.” That’s what this really seems to be. Two wise cracking heroes that seemingly can’t get along but deep down really care for one another. It’s a great recipe.

Now let’s watch it, Marvel style.

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