Frankies Bikinis Is Ready for Fun. You Should Be Too.

We are seriously digging the vibe from this collection from Miami Fashion Week. Frankies Bikinis is ready for fun and they’re letting everybody know. The swimwear line really went after the whole “summer of love” feel and we can’t blame ’em. We ain’t mad at you, Frankies Bikinis. We’re ready to explode with happiness just over the IDEA of summer. We don’t need to look back at all. We are stoked about this new one…the summer right around the corner! Let’s go.

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Now back to the show. HA! This was a fun watch. Great stuff. We dig the colors and the cuts…all of it. This whole line was good times from start to finish. Now we doubt the daisy bikini is available at the website. However, I would love to see those all over the beaches this summer. Legit. That would we fantastic. Who do we call to make that happen? We got video from Miami Fashion Week and a link to Frankies Bikinis.

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