Butter Burgers in the Air Fryer! Yes.

Hopefully you have a similar level of excitement to ours when we found this recipe. Butter Burgers in the air fryer. Oh, hell yeah. What a fantastic trade off! You use less fat to cook the burgers because of the air fryer so now you got the green light to add butter! Yes! This is solid logic and we are all in.

So, let’s learn how. That’s the good part. Now for a word of warning. This is a Paula Dean recipe video. Paula loves butter and she knows what she’s doing. That’s a plus.

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The minus? Paula loves to talk and tell stories. In this clip she goes on and on for the first 3 minutes or so. Maybe you’ll be delighted. Maybe you’ll be like me and start screaming, “Just show me how to make the damn burger!” at the screen.

If you want to skip to the recipe? Forward to the 3:41 mark. Tada. They DO look delish by the way. Enjoy!

Thinking about getting an airfryer? Here’s a link to some reviews that should help. Who loves you? We do!

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2 comments on “Butter Burgers in the Air Fryer! Yes.

  1. Tim Colomba says:

    Daaag, those look good. I love air fryer cooking. Wings, chicken thighs, BREADED chicken thighs, even eggs. Burgers are next on the list!

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      Let me know if you try them. Would love to get an honest review

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