Black Americans Buy Guns in Record Numbers. Good!

Gun ownership is up among black Americans 58%. Good! I was scrolling through the news this morning and the headline about black Americans flocking to buy guns was plastered everywhere. All I could think was: Fantastic! This is great news. (Hopefully the idea wasn’t to make me concerned. If so? Sorry, not sorry.)

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Of course the black community wants more guns. I want more guns! Don’t you? When you watch riots across America all summer and you hear about communities defunding the police, then you see the completely predictable rise in violent crime…what did you think would happen? Fuck, yes, black people want guns! We all do, dumbass!

Whose neighborhoods were hardest hit by the riots? Guess? Who already has a problem with crime? Guess? Whose life is going to made way more dangerous due to a lack of police? Guess!

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So, welcome aboard all you wonderful American gun owners who happen to be black. Enjoy the security of knowing you can defend yourself when your government fails to protect you and your family. Get trained. Practice. And sleep easy knowing you can always count on yourself. Gun ownership is a great thing. Good call. — The Mgmt

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