Get Your Summer Vibe Right with Kaloopy

Here we go. We’re going to get your summer vibes right with Kaloopy. Some sunshine, tunes and bikini goodness. So, now you’re asking the same question we asked right after we watched the video: What is Kaloopy?

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Good question! Kaloopy is a website dedicated to “the California lifestyle”…huh. Good for them. Guess what else? We dig it. Good for them, highlighting some Cali goodness. Granted Cali needs all the help it can get right now with the headlines being mostly about crime, lockdowns and the governor on his way to a recall.

But if you want to just skim over all that and do some fun California dreaming? Then you are going to dig Kaloopy. We do. We also have our summer vibes standing by and ready to go.

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