BLM Co-Founder Buys 4th House to Teach Us the True Meaning of Marxism

When you think of a Marxist and Marxism, you usually think of a couple things: Communism and multiple houses for your super-awesome leaders. Because isn’t that what forced equality is really about? Some super-awesome person highlights the fact that some people are better off than you are and the prize for pointing out this inequity is multiple homes and a lavish lifestyle! It only seems right.

Take BLM co-founder Patrisse Kahn-Cullors, for instance. She knows that the best way to help her community is to buy house after house after house. That’s the only way to show the community about inequity. By rubbing their faces in it. Only by being shocked by her lavish lifestyle can we have true justice. Only through buying real estate can she save lives! And isn’t what this is all about?

Bernie Sanders gets it. That’s why he has multiple houses as well.

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Maybe if WE were smart enough to point out some unfairness in the world we could have three or four houses too! But look at us losers. We’re over here like idiots, working hard and not understanding the big picture. Sad.

When you point out “inequities” it’s not about solving the problem. It’s about increasing your personal wealth, dummy. Don’t fix anything. Just keep pointing fingers and buying real estate until the morons wake up and learn to point too.

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Someday, hopefully, we can be pointing fingers and living in multiple houses. That’s MY dream! But wait. If we ALL do that, someone will still have a bigger house or a nicer house. Would it EVER end? Damn. Maybe I don’t understand. Guess that’s why I didn’t just buy another house like the co-founder of BLM.

(If this all sounds ridiculous to you, that’s good. It is. That’s how Marxism, socialism, and communism always play out. The only people who thrive are the ones who decide what’s “fair” and somehow “fair” always means a better lifestyle for them.)

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