Maxine Waters: Is She in Trouble?

Oh, Maxine Waters. She’s at it again. The co-queen of the quotable quote is making her voice heard. But did she go too far this time? Is Maxine Waters in trouble? Comedian Michael Loftus thinks maybe so.

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There is a lot of talk around DC about Maxine Waters and her recent statements. None of that DC talk is as funny as what The Loftus Party is saying, though. So here’s another funny video about politics and hypocrisy. Enjoy.

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2 comments on “Maxine Waters: Is She in Trouble?

  1. Paul Hair says:

    Great video. What happens with regards to what she said will now prove where we are as a nation.

    1. Michael Loftus says:

      Yeah. The whole thing is a canary in a coal mine.

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