PS5 Looks Amazing! Sony Should Have Made More Than 7 of Them

Sony just came out with these slick piece of promo. Nice! We agree: The PS5 looks amazing! Maybe Sony should have made more than seven of them. Yes, I’m being hyperbolic, but come on! It’s been months since the console’s release and you still can’t find them! It’s stupid.

We don’t need a promo video, dummy. We need you to make more PS5’s! We’re here…waiting. Got our money in our hands. Excited to try all the games. Ready to fork over our cash. We have been ready for months!

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PS5 gamers have been patient too. We know the Wuhan is still creeping around and that has slowed everything down. Hell, they couldn’t make toilet paper for weeks! So, yes, we know that screwed up production. With all that being said, maybe a little less promo video and a little more on making the actual system.

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Not trying to be a dick. But posting a promo video without an actual product is like posting a link to Best Buy KNOWING they’re sold out. Who would do that?! — The Mgmt

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