Bee Gees Music Over North Koreans Marching. Because It’s Funny.

Someone put Bee Gees music over North Koreans marching. Yes, it’s hilarious. We’ll get into that in just a bit. Let me start off by saying the Bee Gees are legend! I’m a huge fan. That is no lie. It’s not ironic or in jest. I’m being 100% honest. The Bee Gees are just beyond the beyond. I’ll just leave that there. Thinking I should have written as essay on the Brothers Gibb now…oh, well. Let’s just laugh for now.

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This clip: It’s hall of fame level juxtaposition. Killer groove. Sexy beat. All to the visuals of North Koreans marching. That my friends is a recipe for funny. And the timing is just toot sweet. Enjoy.

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