What WAS John Kerry Doing with Iran? We Need to Know

This feels like a no-brainer to me. Something that everyone should want to know. What WAS John Kerry doing with Iran? We need to know. Yes, there’s a political aspect to all this. Yes, people want to smear their political opponents. That being said, what was the dude doing with Iran?

Here’s the shorthand version of what we know.

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John Kerry helped put together the Iran nuke deal. Super important for him. He was the big man on campus. Then Trump gets elected and nixes the whole thing. Bummer for Kerry.

So he stays in contact with Iran. Why? Because they’re friends now? Is that it? Or…was he advising Iranian leadership as to what to do and how to handle the Trump administration?

Don’t we all feel like we know the answer to that? It’s silly to pretend we don’t. I doubt very much they were sharing Shawarma recipes.

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Okay. Next question: Why would Iran throw Kerry under the bus by saying he gave them inside info on Israel? They claim to have it on tape as well? How does Iran benefit from this? Do they want to get Kerry fired? What’s the angle?

We need to know. We need an investigation. There’s too much at stake to sweep this under the rug. If it was New Zealand implying Kerry was dishing out top secret info? That’s one thing. We’re talking about Iran…a possible nuke wielding Iran and Israel. We need to get to the bottom of this. This is now bigger than politics. This is about the safety of Americans and our allies.

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