Star Wars Fans, You HAVE to Watch ‘Bucketheads’

Don’t even get me started on what an achievement this is. Bucketheads is a Star Wars fan series that over-delivers. You read that right. A Star Wars fan SERIES. Who does this? Who even TRIES this? Star Wars fans, that’s who.

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What started as a fan film by Marco BossowAndy Brown has now evolved into a series. Still blown away by that. The balls to even try this! It’s fucking awesome. Series TV in the best of circumstances is a grind and full of challenges. And that’s WITH a giant budget. These people are trying to make a series out of love of Star Wars. And look at the results! Just that opening sequence of Episode 1 is gorgeous.

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We tip our caps. Not sure how long they can keep Bucketheads going but hot damn I’m rooting for ya! Keep going! We dig it! — The Mgmt

P.S. Here’s the short film that started it all as well…

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