Would You Ruin Star Wars for $20M?

Would you ruin Star Wars for $20 million? The question is partially meant to have a bit of fun with Star Wars fans. But it’s actually a semi-serious one to consider too. Here’s why.

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Some would argue that the curators of Star Wars ruined the franchise a long time ago. I’m in that camp. In fact, I have not cared about Star Wars for decades. (I haven’t even watched any of the films or series that have come out since Revenge of the Sith.) But for those who still like the franchise, would you accept $20 million to ruin it? If you think that’s a silly question, let me put it another way. Would you accept $20 million to be the lead actor in a Star Wars movie you knew was going to be terrible? That was going to retcon the Emperor into being the hero and Luke Skywalker into being the villain? Ohhh. Now the question makes more sense. Now you can see this really isn’t just an antagonistic question.

In other words, every actor who has signed onto a lead role in any recent Star Wars project is undoubtedly making a lot of money. And while I’m sure they’re all very aware of how terrible most current Star Wars projects are, they’re not going to flee from a payday.

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Can you blame them for that? Would hardcore Star Wars fans act any differently? You could walk away from Hollywood if you earned $20 mil from one role. Indeed, you could walk away from all work and do whatever you wanted if you scored one job that paid you that amount of money. As long as you weren’t a fool about it, that kind of money would set you up for life—for multiple lifetimes.

So I ask one more time, would you ruin Star Wars for $20 million? As for me, I have no trouble answering that question.

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4 comments on “Would You Ruin Star Wars for $20M?

  1. John Whelen says:

    $20M? Forget that. I’d ruin it for the remnants of my dead Aunt Marie’s purse, probably $2.45 in loose change, 1/2 pack of Kent’s, a 3/4 used lipstick, and a variety of differently used tissues.

    1. Paul Hair says:

      Well said!

      1. David Curtin says:

        The person that ruins it mostly are the writers and then the director the actor may do a great job but the material and the production could be terrible you may not intentionally set out to ruin it as you are so happy to be apart of this historical franchise, Harrison Ford certainly didn’t need the money , I only went to see the force awakens because he was in it , once I walked out of the cinema I said to myself that was garbage and had already decided not to support the franchise, I blamed the lazy unoriginal story the casting and the director, yes I would accept 20 million as a jobbing actor but someone like Harrison Ford who does not need the money should have seen right through the script and refused the role and who wants to see a very ill looking Carrie Fisher on screen an obvious shell of her former self from years of substance abuse mumbling along to that drivel ..To me Star Wars will always be the original 3 movies , the prequels are watchable as glorified B movies but are still fun to watch on a rainy day .. Give me the 20 million where do I sign ..

        1. Paul Hair says:

          Yep. I know what you mean. There is a lot wrong with the sequels.

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