Conservatives Celebrate ‘Juneteenth’…Then What?

Conservatives and libertarians are celebrating the federal government making “Juneteenth National Independence Day” a federal holiday. And in doing so, they celebrate accelerating progressives’ agenda of destroying America.

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There are conservatives and libertarians I know who are celebrating the federal government making a new independence day. Some are calling those who refuse to celebrate with them “racist.” Meanwhile, progressives are already using this new holiday to replace America’s actual Independence Day.

I hesitated about writing anything more about this, and you’ll see why in just a moment. I’ll be brief.

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Conservatives and libertarians just spent the past few years watching people tear down American statues, kneel for the National Anthem, promote the 1619 Project, demonize the South, demonize white people, call America “fundamentally racist,” wage a coup against Trump, wage a war on cops, wage a violent insurrection, and yet they STILL backed this new “national independence day” and cannot recognize how this will be used to accelerate the destruction of America.

Conservatives and libertarians (whether they realize it or not) are advancing the agenda of the “other side.” This is beyond dangerous. And while I always realize I’m going to offend people I know when I speak out against conservatives and libertarians, I have to do it every now and then. Our rulers are destroying America and not only is no one in power fighting back, but those conservatives and libertarians who are in power are actively helping with this destruction.

So after you read what I just wrote, you know why I hesitated to write it. My blunt words are going to irritate my friends, acquaintances, and colleagues. Perhaps relationships will end.

Again, though, when my country is being destroyed, even if I’m powerless to stop it, I sometimes feel obligated to say something even though I know it’s just going to make more and more people despise me.

Our rulers making “Juneteenth National Independence Day” a holiday (and conservatives and libertarians celebrating it) is one such time.

P.S. One last thing. If despite all you have witnessed in the past few years you still cannot understand what I am saying, let me try a different approach. I am going to forecast something very specific. The conservative and libertarian support for Juneteenth cements that they–yes, conservatives and libertarians–will eventually denounce America’s Founding and Independence Day as “racist” and “unjust.” Just bookmark this post. And then come back and read what I wrote again. And then change your mindset.

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