Let Progressives Despise Rural America. It’s in Our Best Interests.

Progressives regularly denigrate rural areas of America. They despise those of us who don’t live in urban areas. But you know what? That’s actually okay. In fact, it’s in our best interests. Here’ why.

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Over the weekend, a Blue Check on Twitter tweeted sneering remarks about those of us who live in the countryside. I’m intentionally not linking to it but here’s a summary of what he said: “Farmers would starve without urbanites providing them with subsidies.”

That, of course, is a stupid thing to say. But there’s no need to attempt to dissuade him of his beliefs. There’s no need to dissuade any progressive of his belief that urbanites are superior to “hicks.” After all, we want progressives to stay right where they are and to leave us alone.

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Progressives destroy everything they touch. San Francisco is a great example. Every other major American city is a great example too. Progressives run those without any opposition. None whatsoever. Many people in such cities (and progressive-controlled states) are fleeing them. But if you live in the country, do you want them to flee to where you are? To flood the land where you live with new houses, buildings, and traffic? To vote in a bunch of Democrats who will promptly turn your formerly nice home area into another progressive abomination?

I surely don’t.

So I don’t object to progressives despising rural America. I encourage it. Indeed, I’ll happily agree with them that cities and urbanites are way better than rural areas and stupid countryfolk like me. In short, I will not be divisive and instead I will find common ground with them.

And aren’t our betters always whining about this being what they want us to do?

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