Outer Worlds 2 Reveal Trailer Is Comedy Gold

We’ve watched this one a couple times and keep coming to the same conclusion: The Outer Worlds 2 reveal trailer is comedy gold. Just pitch perfect.

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Let’s go ahead and use the old standard, “It’s funny cause it’s TRUE!” That seems to fit nicely here. Good for Outer Worlds developers for calling out all the same tired tropes in game trailers. Really well done. And funny.

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This footage does look great, though! HA! Wonder what it’ll actually look like when it’s released in…oops. Sorry. No release date as of yet. But that trailer is funny, though.

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2 comments on “Outer Worlds 2 Reveal Trailer Is Comedy Gold

  1. Tim Colomba says:

    WOW!!! That was awesome! The first Outer Worlds was a lot of fun and was very funny – I usually skip through dialogue but they had some great material. Fallout in space, does it get any better?

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      That trailer killed me. Am gonna have to go back and play Outer Worlds.

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