Did These Stories Forecast Today’s Woke Military?

American military leaders have gone woke and have revealed how they are progressive extremists. Does it surprise you? If you’ve read my fiction it doesn’t. After all, two of my stories from years ago now read as if they’re documenting today’s reality.

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The Department of Defense has declared white troops to be a potential threat, and has vowed to hunt down and remove these “extremists.” On top of this, the Secretary of Defense and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are defending the anti-white “critical race theory” that is being propagandized to the ranks. CJCS Milley said it was “offensive” that people object to it. And, of course, the DOD also wants more women in the ranks.

American military leaders have gone full woke. They are as radical as can be. And it’s almost as if they are bringing to life characters and situations from two short stories I wrote.

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Back in 2017, I contributed several tales to an anthology called Appalling Stories: 13 Tales of Social Injustice. One of the stories was titled, “Our Diversity Is Our Strength!” The Army tasks a National Guard platoon with hunting down enemy forces. A general decides to go along with the platoon during the operation and he makes his priorities clear.

But it wasn’t just that the general was talking. He was saying the same stupid stuff that he said to us in his speech—only he was saying it to individual soldiers. “Did you watch the sexual harassment training video that all troops are required to watch?” he asked one soldier. “You know, sexual harassment and assault prevention are big on the chief of staff’s priorities. We can’t be a strong fighting force if we don’t treat women as equals!”

And to another one he said, “Just remember, the United States was made by immigrants. We should all be thankful to have new people coming into our nation. Diversity makes us stronger as a country and an Army!”

Things just keep going downhill from there. And when the soldiers make contact with the enemy? Well, you have to read the story to find out what happens. The book is out-of-print, but someone is still selling copies of it on Amazon starting at $65.00. (Must be a great book if that person thinks he can get people to buy it for that price.)

In 2018, I contributed a tale to the Appalling Stories sequel, which was titled (you guessed it) Appalling Stories 2 (also now out-of-print, but available at the much cheaper price of $6.00). “The Order that Changed the World” begins with President Yuqin “Karla” Wang-Ramos vowing to end “gun violence.” And while journalists egg her on to do so during a press conference, she mentions the following.

Wang-Ramos smiled. “You know, I never quite understood that logic. Does anyone really think that if the government became tyrannical, which I can assure you we won’t, a handful of guns are going to be any match against all the firepower we have? Pistols and rifles are no match for bombs, artillery, tanks, and aircraft. So the argument just doesn’t hold water.”

Sound familiar?

Later, she succeeds in banning nearly every type of firearm. And the American government forms a task force to seize weapons from any law-abiding citizen who won’t turn them in. Military veterans happily join that task force.

Things escalate from there and climax in a way most people still probably can’t imagine. I won’t spoil it for you but I will say this. Are you surprised that Joe Biden just threatened to nuke Americans? Do you believe our military leaders would never follow such an order? Read “The Order that Changed the World.”

So progressives now fully own the American armed forces. Civilian and military leaders are progressive activists.

A lot of people aren’t able to process this and will simply deny the truth. But the truth remains true nonetheless. We now have a woke military, and it and its leaders greatly resemble fictional characters and situations I created years ago.

Top Image via Department of Defense.

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