Two Men Who Take Their Cosplay to the Next Level

July is almost here, and the summer festivities are in full swing! Comic and pop culture conventions are even starting to creep back into the fold. And that means it is time for the cosplayers to show off their costuming, makeup and photography talents. Here are two impressive male cosplayers and impersonators who have been amassing fans on their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other sites that deserve a second…or third look.

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Taryn Cosplay

Taryn is an Italian cosplay artist and makeup expert who has turned everything from video games, to anime, to fantasy, and science fiction into a master class in costuming and makeup. He also serves as an incentive to get those abs in shape.

I included just four of the endless collection of video game cosplays found on his Twitter, some which were taken by a talented photographer named Danielle Cosenza.

He’s also on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit and has prints available on his Etsy site.

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Captain Jack Sparrow UK

There are a lot of Jack Sparrow impersonators and cosplayers out there, and as much as I praise every one of them for their enthusiasm, it is the ones who have done their homework on detail that I really appreciate. This British Jack Sparrow impersonator and musician has gained nearly a million followers for his near spot on look.

He’s made several in-person appearances at events like festivals or charity events. And he has also done some great cosplays of characters like Grindelwald from Fantastic Beasts, and the tattooed man from the Greatest Showman.

You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or visit his site at Captain Jack Sparrow LookaLike.

From Instagram

Give these two a follow if you can, and maybe later, when the winds change, I’ll dig up some more male cosplayers and their inspiring looks.

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