Nintendo Switch (OLED Model): Sign Us Up

Let’s go! The Nintendo Switch (OLED Model) is looking fine. Go ahead and sign me up. This is going to be a must have.

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I got the first Switch when it was released. Had to play Zelda. Had to. And was legit surprised at how much I liked the little machine. I say little machine because it is! The design of the Nintendo Switch is pretty damn awesome. Small charging dock and a almost perfectly sized, 7-inch handheld screen. That is oh-so-portable.

Got way more out of the original Switch than expected. The ease of taking this puppy with you wherever you go can’t be understated. It’s in a class by itself. So, how do you improve? Well, the OLED screen is a plus. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. Long story short: Better lighting on the screen. Even from an angle. Big plus.

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Was that motion sensor thing new as well? That’d be cool. Anyone remember Wii Fit? LOL.

And the library of games from Nintendo just keeps growing. The Switch (OLED Model) comes out on Oct. 8. We’ll be getting one.

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