Gollum – Gameplay Overview Trailer

We’re getting some more looks at The Lord of the Rings: Gollum gameplay. And guess what? We likes it. We likes it so much!

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The more we see and learn about this game the more stoked we get! If you’re familiar with LOTR at all, you realize that Gollum has almost been everywhere and met anyone who’s anyone in Middle Earth. So just on that level we are soooo into it. Gollum in Mordor? Yup. We wants to go! Gollum in Mirkwood? You know it.

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We are ready to sneak, run, adventure and explore. ALL OF IT! Sadly…we gotta wait till fall 2022. Damn. Oh, well. Guess we’ll just keep watching developer vids until it’s time to find our precious.

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