‘The Witcher:’ Season 2 Trailer

Here we go. The Witcher: Season 2 trailer. We are stoked for this one.

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Geralt is back and he has a sense of purpose. Hopefully Netflix does too. Their sense of purpose should be not to pull a Game of Thrones and break everyone’s hearts. That SHOULD be easy enough to avoid. The Witcher books are all done. This storyline is complete. Beginning, middle and end. So, Netflix? This is no brainer…just don’t fuck it up. Follow the path laid out by the author. Okay? Just do that. I’m not kidding. This really can’t be said enough. Stick to the books.

Enough of that. Let’s get to what we dig. Henry Cavill. Just epic casting. Dude is great. The rest of the cast is pretty damn good as well! Not hating anyone! Season 2 should be a great time.

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My only note is on the dialogue from season 1…it kinda got a little “clunky.” A bit “we want this to sound old timey, and mythical, so we’re going to go waaaaay too far in the old timey, mythical verbiage department.” Yeah…dial that back please. Thanks. We could do with a lot less.

But legit, that’s my one big note. Other than that? Carry on! Cast, cinematography, direction, art direction…you all are crushing it.

Season 2 of The Witcher premiers on Netflix on Dec. 17.

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