The Correct Amount of Summer Vibes with Karolina Witkowska

The YouTube channel, Kaloopy, was hitting it out of the park when they released this video. This is the correct amount of summer vibes with Karolina Witkowska. (They titled it “Radiant,” but, whatever.)

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Karolina is a Playboy playmate and all around stunner. What’s more important though is the amount of good summertime vibes she conveys. And she conveys a lot.

Now’s the time kids. We are in mid July. Get out there now. The beach. A BBQ. Rafting. Whatever ya want. Go! Get some music blasting and get your happy on! Time’s a wasting. Get those vibes into high gear.

If your wondering, the song in the video is “Wait” (Fkya Remix) by NoMBe.

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