‘Weight of the World’ – NieR Automata Theme Song

This is impressive. The piano rendition of “Weight of the World,” the theme song from NieR Automata. Just a flat out beautiful song.

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How did we overlook this when we were playing the game? Maybe that speaks to just how great the game is? The story and the action were just so fantastic we didn’t pay enough attention to the music. Damn. Just how good does this game get?

“Weight of the World” (壊レタ世界ノ歌, Kowareta Sekai no Uta?, lit. “Song of the Broken World”) is a song from NieR Automata and also appears in the Final Fantasy series. It was composed by Keiichi Okabe and sung by J’Nique Nicole in English, Marina Kawano in Japanese, and Emi Evans in Chaos (fictional language of the NieR universe).

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This version was released by Pan Piano in Dec. of 2020. Simple video, but that’s what we dig. Let the music do the talking. Just a perfect call to have the pianist in full 2B cosplay. Perfect.

What’s your fav piece of music from a video game? Think I just found mine. HA!

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