‘Woke’ Victoria’s Secret Losing Hundreds of Millions. Ha! Ha!

From our “What did you THINK would happen” Dept: Victoria’s Secret, the once iconic lingerie store is beginning to feel the results of their new “Woke” branding decisions. The company racked up some pretty big losses last quarter. Right around $275 million. Huh. Who a thunk it? It’s a head scratcher.

The company made headlines recently when they decided to do away with the famous Victoria’s Secret Angels. They also bid farewell to their televised fashion show. Why get rid of those? Because the people in charge are idiots. That’s our conclusion.

Victoria’s Secret is in the process of remodeling and closing a boat load of stores as well. Permanently closing around 250 stores across the U.S. and Canada. Ouch. We can’t wait to see what the remodel looks like. Gone is the trademark pink. They’re opting for something more ‘inviting’. May we suggest grey? That way it would match the outlook reflected by your ‘woke’ business model.

These people has lost the plot. Lingerie is about sex and feeling sexy. Once you remove that? You’re done.


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