Risque Dukes Is Having a Lot of Fun

Check out this clip from Miami Swim Week. Risque Dukes is bringing the fun in large amounts. We dig it.

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Normally the super bright colors aren’t our cup of tea. However, if you’re doing it? Do it big. That’s what Risque Dukes did with this line. These suits are 100% sexy fun. The eyes on the top and the mouths on the bottoms are just fantastic. These are suits for extroverts in the best possible sense. We love the attitude. Keep ’em coming!

One note: The lollipop prop was overkill. You already said everything you needed to say with the suits! Let them do the talking. That being said, we still dug the suits.

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2 comments on “Risque Dukes Is Having a Lot of Fun

  1. Tim Colomba says:

    Agreed with the lollipops, haha. The models did a great job though, fantastic enthusiasm. I often look at lifestyle fashion photography and it seems like everyone looks pissed off and “bored”… ehhh, this is better. Fashion should be fun, sexy, and cool, like this. Great find!

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Thanks man! Am really enjoying the miami swim reviews! LOL

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