What’s Chapping My Ass

It’s been a while but it feels like I gotta vent a little bit. Let’s talk about what’s chapping my ass. These news stories will be in no particular order as usual. Just a free form stream of ‘this shit seems crazy.’ Okay. Where to begin? How about the riot at the capitol on Jan. 6th? The… insurrection. The… (gasp) attempted overthrow of our Gov! (Oh my!) The attempted coup and the hearings that kicked off today. In my opinion this hearing is nothing more than political theater. Dems have chosen this event to get upset over. It’s as if nothing else happen in the world of ‘riots’. Anyone else remember mobs trying to storm the White House? I do. Mobs that set fires and tried to destroy historic churches. That mob. When THEY attempted to to gain entrance to the WHITE HOUSE, the media mocked the Pres. So do me a favor and dial down the fake outrage. Okay? We remember a summer of roving bands of huge violent mobs. Looted stores and murders. Lots of dead people from those mobs. Guess their live don’t matter?

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I have one question for the Capitol Police: Where were the extra officers you requested? Where was the National Guard? You KNEW there was a huge event planned on Jan. 6. Why were you denied help? Yes, we all want a peaceful transition of power. Yup. We don’t want another event like Jan. 6th. But if you don’t truly want to get down to “Why” of it all, this hearing is a farce. It’s members of congress shooting campaign ads. It’s political theater. Nothing more.

The Border. If new variants of Covid-19 are popping up left and right and things are SO dire we all have to be super duper careful and mask up again… why isn’t the Border shut. Like locked the F down. Thousands of people are coming across the border. Doesn’t that seem like a bit of a problem? WTF? Why would you let thousands of Covid carriers into the country then relocate them across the U.S?

Inflation. Shit is getting more expensive. Everything. Gas, food all of it. No way is this good. It doesn’t take a Brainiac to figure out that is EVERYTHING is more expensive, you have less money and your paycheck is worth less and less. So…. you need more money cuase prices keep going up. It’s vicious cycle and it will eat the poor people first. Then it will come for the middle class.

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2 comments on “What’s Chapping My Ass

  1. Crystal says:

    we need a vaccine for liberal stupidity!

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      wouldn’t that be awesome? Think a good start would be a history book. HA!

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