‘The Wheel of Time’ Trailer: Prepare for Disappointment

Here comes the first trailer for Amazon’s series The Wheel of Time. Get ready to be disappointed. This one is sure to bring you down. Not that it’s Amazon’s fault. The source material is fundamentally broken. The problem lies in the books themselves. Sorry. You know I’m right, though. Let me explain.

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Nothing means anything in these books. The rules of magic keep changing to fit the situation. The author writes a character into a really tough spot. How is he/she going to get out this? The author then inserts a previously unknown power into a magical item and . . . tada! Problem solved.

All too often in this series people are amazed at the “new” powers their magic had. That, my friends, is bullshit. That is why fantasy books have such a bad reputation. It’s cheap, lazy writing. It drove me crazy with this series. So I stopped reading. I didn’t care about anything or anyone. I KNEW they would be okay due to some new power being discovered. Blah.

Kind of feel bad shitting all over the books, but if you’ve read Lord of the Rings you know I’m right. And if you’ve struggled through the Wheel series I know you’ve read LOTR. Tolkien had rules for magic. Wizards couldn’t just do whatever was needed in any situation. That’s why LOTR works. Another thing LOTR has going for it is a beginning, middle and end. The Wheel of Time feels like a series dedicated to side missions for many of the books.

The Wheel series was intended to be a 6-book series. Then it stretched in 14. Why? Because it was popular. The first couple of books showed promise. We all read them. Then the author decided to keep on going. Just keep turning out books. Even if it barely moved the plot forward. Dude was making money. People were buying the books. So why stop? Just keep going.

You can’t blame him. I’m sure every popular fantasy novelist dreams of this kind of success. It’s a big moral dilemma. Service the story? Or your bank account? Check out Game of Thrones. Same thing. Why write the end when you can keep printing money? Although, now with a GOT prequel coming to HBO, I bet the book series will wrap up soon.

The trailer for Wheel looks pretty good. Not great. But good. However, beware. You will be running into some serious BS in the show. You have been warned. Now, will I watch? Probably. LOL! And I will kick myself for doing it. Or I’ll start a column here where I take giant dumps all over the show. HA!

It premiers on Nov. 19.

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10 comments on “‘The Wheel of Time’ Trailer: Prepare for Disappointment

  1. Laura Fightme says:


    1. The Mgmt. says:

      I knew why Brandon stepped in. I also know the books were absolute shit. You must be entertained easily.

  2. Glenn Dorsam says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the books! I am very excited for the adaptation of the series on the small screen. I am sorry you did not enjoy the books and major characters did not always “get away” from trouble due to “new magic” and had you finished the series would would know this fact. My two cents is to understand the story before you “dump” all over it as you indicate in your sloppily written blog. That said, pass the popcorn on November 19th!!

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      am legit happy for you!Glad you dig it. Let’s say it ‘Wasn’t my cup of tea’. I’m hoping you’ll come back and let me know what you think of series. And also, I’m always looking for new fantasy/Sci-Fi to read. Just finished Witcher books (fantastic stuff!) and am on the hunt for new series. If you have recomendations it would be appreciated. Thanks! – M

      1. Shawn says:

        “The author then inserts a previously unknown power into a magical item and . . . tada! Problem solved.”

        Could you provide a few examples of this please?

        1. The Mgmt. says:

          It’s been a loooong time since I read these books. Just saying. So if the expectation is for me to pull up names of weapons and page numbers etc. Let me tell ya right now: That ain’t happening. I will say this though. I believe it happened multiple times. Lord of chaos. A crown of swords and The path of daggers. I tapped out after ‘knife of dreams’ because I just couldn’t take anymore.
          And hey, good for Jordan. He found a cash cow in this series and didn’t want it to end. That’s fine. But as a writer he needed to establish rules for his world and follow them. I have no problem with him wanting to keep the story going. That’s awesome.

  3. mike says:

    after the first episode i was so disappointed with the show’s numerous, unnecessary changes. after the 3rd episode i realized the changes were necessary because of the desire to completely change the focus of the story. that being from a great classic fantasy tale to some political agenda

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Oh bummer. So, worse than we thought. Might have to watch a couple eps just to see how bad. It’s like they can’t stop themselves from ruining these things. Am very concerned about Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show.

  4. Holdin Tudiks says:

    I was really looking forward to this show.
    I didn’t make it through half of the first episode.
    (We can ignore the amateurish acting and laughable ’90s TV quality special effects for this discussion)
    The story line was full of so many tropes and cliches. Everything was predictable. Nothing was interesting at all.
    It was so annoying. Characters were bland. Situations were predicable.
    And this was just in the first episode.
    The writers should have been focusing on trying to hook an audience, instead I just saw stuff I’d seen in hundreds of TV shows already. Nothing new, nothing interesting, flat characters with predictable behaviors doing what we expect them to do.
    Boring – and annoying.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Damn. That’s a shame. It’s hard to believe there aren’t more people who are capable of doing a good adaptation. Who is hiring all these idiot showrunners? Are you watching Witcher at all? Season 1 wasn’t bad. Am hoping they hit a stride in season 2.

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