‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Trailer–We’re In

Take a look at the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections. We have thoughts and I’m sure you do too. I’m in. Legit looking forward to this one.

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Is the trailer perfect? No. But again: I’m in. Yes, it does seem like a do-over of the first Matrix movie, which in my opinion is the perfect movie. For real. Perfect. And while people (including myself) bitched about the sequels, I recently went back and re-watched them and they are much better the second time around. It’s a pretty strong trilogy and I’m just happy to go have a new chapter.

Now for a few thoughts. Where’s Laurence Fishburne? Where’s Hugo Weaving? They have to make an appearance at some point, right? Yes! You know I’m right.

So, what did you think?

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