Separating the ‘Unclean,’ ‘Undesirable,’ or ‘Useless’

Here towards the end of 2021, and we are witnessing something that seems vaguely familiar. The “unclean” are once again being separated. You know, for everyone’s safety, of course.

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This is an interesting phenomenon to watch, as quarantine camps are being built to herd up the “infected” in Australia, and the vaccinated versus unvaccinated war is being pushed on the masses by the powerful elites.

This isn’t about whether or not a person thinks everyone should get vaccinated for COVID. That is an individual’s opinion and preference, either way. However, I do think we all need to take a look at a timeline of the “unclean” and the “unworthy” before we once again head down that road of isolating and shunning certain segments of the population.

Here is a short little look at just a few times this type of thinking has happened before. There are many examples I won’t even get into, as I am barely scratching the surface.

For example:

In 62 B.C. (or earlier), people suffering from the devastating disease of leprosy were thought to be “cursed” or receiving punishment from God. In the Middle Ages, leprosy patients were stigmatized by being forced to wear special clothing or ring bells to warn others they were approaching…for the safety of everyone.

In 1919, several “sexually immoral” women were locked up, without trial. Some of them for the sin of walking in public alone or with other female friends. The reason was they were feared to be loose women carrying sexually transmitted diseases. They were then forced to undergo poisonous “treatments” to be cured…for the safety of everyone.

Dating back to 1000 B.C., Hindu law has justified the caste system in India where upper and lower classes are kept in segregated communities. This thankfully is something many Indians have worked to abolish completely. Those “lowest” in the system, the Dalits, were considered “untouchables” and relegated to the “unclean” jobs not fit for the rest of society. They have faced everything from social ostracization to downright abuse. This was done to keep a secure, ordered society. You know, for the safety of everyone.

From 1942 to 1945, Executive Order 9066 incarcerated in isolated camps around 120,000 people of Japanese descent, many American citizens, as a reaction to Pearl Harbor. The justification was to prevent the danger of espionage…for the safety of everyone.

Of course, there have been several other horrible laws and practices segregating people based on race or religion from the rest of society. Too many to list here. Some most people have learned about were the dehumanizing practices of the Jim Crow era against African-Americans, to the Apartheid racial segregation in South Africa, to the segregation and imprisonment of Jews in Nazi-controlled Germany in WWII.

Speaking of World War II, one of the biggest horrors surrounding the persecution of the Jews was the medical experimentation. This included forced sterilization, eugenics, and euthanasia of those considered “abnormal.” This was done for the “cleansing” out of those who would be a burden to society. It didn’t stop there, as “deviants” like homosexuals and gypsies also faced sterilization…and worse. Of course getting rid of the “useless lives” helped ease financial burden and free up hospital beds for the war effort…for everyone’s safety.

From the 1980s to current day, the HIV awareness and education site has reported the stigmatization and marginalization of those suffering from AIDS is still a reality for many. Some countries are even refusing to treat sex workers or drug addicts, leaving many sufferers too scared to seek healthcare. In some places, it is still a common notion that these people should not be touched…for the sake of everyone’s safety.

Last year, in response to COVID, people were encouraged to cover their faces, remain six feet away from each other, and isolate the elderly and vulnerable This was just for a few weeks…for the safety of everyone.

That takes us back to where we are today, with companies forced to weed out a certain faction of their workforce and either deny them the right to work or subject them to a medical injection or regular testing. Most terrifyingly, “vaccine passports” are constantly being threatened and discussed worldwide.

Do we really want to see this sort of thing yet again…you know, for our “safety?”

I pray we don’t but where we are headed from here is up to all of us.

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