‘Don’t Touch My Kids!’ That’s My Answer

What I’m about to tell every parent is something they already know. But once you have children, there is nothing more precious, so spectacular, so fragile, so frustrating…and so utterly incredible as your children.

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Before my kids were born, I was a much more selfish person. Not a bad person, mind you, just more self-centered. My husband and I didn’t have kids for the first nine years, so we got used to just living for ourselves. Yes, you love your spouse and would do anything for them, but once that first child comes into your life, everything shifts.

All of a sudden, you would die for someone who didn’t exist a year ago. Your entire existence feels focused on making sure that little helpless baby is safe, fed, and content. As they get older, they will rely on you less and less, but you’ll love them and want to be there for them more and more.

I have one 19-year-old college kid and one 12-year-old middle schooler who I would still do anything for, even if that means backing off a bit while they make mistakes.

For parents, the simple fact is we are our children’s main protectors. We are their main teachers, and the first responders, and their primary guides in what is best for them. We rely on those with different skill sets as ours to help: good teachers, doctors, pastors, police offers and others, but the final word is ours. We are the ones in charge of shaping them.

That being said, I have discovered over the years I have one primary response to most everything from pop culture trends to government overreach:


I know this might sound a bit extreme, and some might even say it’s the parent equivalent of “not in my backyard,” but I don’t care. My kids are my treasures. They are our future (all our kids are). When our kids are born, we give them little pieces of our heart and soul; something they take with them no matter where they go in life. I guess you could say they’re like my little horcruxes (pardon the Harry Potter reference).

Let me give you some clarification of where I stand on pretty much everything:

Masking Mandates?

 I don’t care if you never wear one or wear five alone in a car. Your choice.

Making children age two and older wear them in schools?

They don’t need them.

Don’t touch my kids!

Legalizing Marijuana?

Go ahead! Personally I think it’s nasty, but I hate menudo as well. You might need it for medical reasons or just for “mellowing your harsh.” Whatever floats your boat.

Smoke around kids? Offer it to kids…or push any other drug for that matter?

Little bodies and brains are affected by pot much worse than adults.

Stay away from my kids with that crap!

Gay Pride Issues?

Are you a grown up? Have fun! No need to care what I or anyone else thinks. If you’re a nice person, I don’t care what other adult you date. You are my friend. Seriously, no one cares who’s gay anymore. It isn’t a personality trait.

Adding gay pride parades to children’s shows or starting a drag queen storytime? Pride parades and drag queen shows are often filled with risqué elements (yes, they are) and that’s fine for adult entertainment, but kids shouldn’t be sexualized or exposed to any overt sexual content yet. Let them maintain some innocence; their hormones aren’t even in synch until they are past their teen years. I feel the same way about any adult-centric content, regardless of gay or straight.

Do not, do not, do not touch my kids!

And finally…

“The Jab!”

Can we stop this medical segregation already? I don’t care if you want it or don’t. Get it if you want. Don’t get it if you don’t want. I really, really, really don’t care.

What do I think of reports in another country of kids being rounded up for vaccinations without their parents being allowed around?

They don’t need it yet.

Heeeellllll, no! Don’t touch my kids!

Get the pattern? If you want our kids to grow up into critical thinkers and healthy adults, we can’t just toss them to the masses without a lifeline to ourselves.

Yes, there are some terrible parents out there, and children living in neglectful, abusive homes need outside intervention to get them in to better situations. I’m talking about the majority of parents, who, regardless of politics, really want the best for their children.

We don’t have to be helicopter parents, but we do need to ask questions of them and teachers. We need to find out what they are watching and listening to, and who is shaping their views. Most of all, we need to make sure no one lays a finger, swab, or needle on them without our knowing.

Does this sound a bit like a battle cry of the tired mom? Maybe.

I seriously doubt, however I’m the only one who feels this way.

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