25 Weird (Or Awesome) Sex Toys. You Decide

Websites love to put up lists like these: 25 weird sex toys! And you click. Probably for the same reason I did. To find out just how weird these sex toys are! Right?! We need to know just what in heck people are doing and what we may be missing. One persons weird is another persons awesome. So here’s the list. Hope you see something that gets your motor running or at least give you a laugh. Spoiler alert: There is a hamburger ball gag. Ha! So at least a few are jokes. Unless you’re into hamburger ball gags. In that case… Spoiler alert: There’s a hamburger shaped ball gag! Woo hoo! You’re in luck! If that’s what does it for ya? Good for you, you sexy little hamburgler.


25 Weird Sex Toys to Let Your Freak Flag Fly in 2021 | Glamour

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