Humpback Shark & Hero Cops!

We got a good one for ya today! This Daily Dose o Internet has it all. Humpback sharks and hero cops.

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Now, I say “humpback shark.” However, this particular shark has scoliosis. Although you gotta admit the killer fish looks cool AF. Like a cartoon villain come to life.

Let’s also give the biggest of shoutouts to a quick thinking cop who had a wild traffic stop!

Hope you dig this Dose of Internet.

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2 comments on “Humpback Shark & Hero Cops!

  1. James Bay says:

    Seeing that sharks have no bones and are made mostly out of cartilage the spinal diagnosis you came up with is clearly wrong lol!!!

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      while I’m no marine biologist, I’m pretty sure sharks have bones. For sure they have spines. And the shark in the video had some issues. Dude needs to drink more milk! HA!

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