2 Million Illegals in 12 Months for U.S.

It’s a new record. 2 million illegals in 12 months. That’s how many came across the border in fiscal 2021.

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That’s a lot of people. That’s a whole lot of people. No matter where you stand on the issue you have to be concerned. That concern is warranted too. If this were any other year you’d be wondering all the usual thoughts like what kind of impact does that many newcomers make? What are the financial impacts? All the usual talking points. Which are valid.

Now factor in Covid.

Can we stop for a second and JUST focus on that? I’m guessing the vaccination rate is around zero for people coming across the border. How many have Covid? I’m guessing we don’t know. But the government keeps letting people in. That makes zero sense. Would you do that in your house during an pandemic? Just letting people in unannounced? With zero idea of if they had Covid or not? It’s nutty! People in the states are losing their jobs for not being vaxxed, but we’re letting 2 million people in with no clue of their status?

Come on. You wouldn’t allow this in your house so why are we allowing it at the border?

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