Here’s an Idea: Let’s Make Sure Covid Can’t Happen Again. THEN We Can Fight about Masks!

Sorry to interrupt all the hot takes and sweet sarcastic burns on Twitter and social media, but how about we make sure we don’t have another round of lab leaked coronavirus that fucks up the entire planet? Can we spend a couple days on that? Ya think? I know everyone has been having a rip roaring good time arguing about masks and vaccines, lockdowns and financial help from the government, but I for one don’t want to go through this bullshit again. Ever.

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What in the actual fuck, you guys? Is anyone the least little bit interested in how we got here? Don’t you think it’d be worth our while to put a definitive end to this kind of shit show? Why aren’t more people screaming about the lack of answers? It’s a crazy thing to watch, really. It’s as if someone set your house on fire, they are still in the backyard with lighter fluid and matches and we are in the smoldering remains arguing about if we should replace the carpet or buy hardwood flooring. Hey dipshits! The fucking arsonist is still in the backyard! None of this shit matters if they start a more “successful” fire next time!

I’m not interested in the least about your dumbass mask fights. I give zero shits about the jab. I’m all out of fucks to give about social distancing. All of it. Here’s what I care about: Finding out what happened in Wuhan. What REALLY happened and making sure it never happens again. EVER.

Did it ever occur to you just how lucky we were? What if something worse got out of the lab? What other absolute shit show plagues do they have in the fridge, just ready to go? Anyone interested? Anyone? Just me?

So, fuck all your online arguments. Fuck your mandates. Fuck your little videos of people fist fighting over the jab. Because none of that matters if another virus “escapes” tomorrow and kills 99% of life on earth. And guess what? It could happen. It may have already happened as I typed this. So, let’s get some answers. Then we can argue about masks.

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