Joe’s Latest? Fire Cops & First Responders If They Don’t Get the Jab

Joe Biden was on a CNN “town hall” last night and wasted zero time letting his thoughts be known about how un-vaxxed police and first responders who refuse the vaccine mandate should be treated. When host Anderson Cooper asked if they should be asked to stay home or be let go, Joe was quick to say, “Yes and yes.” Dude didn’t flinch. Just cavalierly said yes and yes. He was a little quick on the buzzer for our taste.

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What a strange way to see the world. Yes and yes. Fire ’em! Who cares, right? Just cut ’em loose. Hey Joe, you know what cops do, right? You are aware they protect the citizens? Right? Crime is up, my guy. Now you just wanna let ’em go? What’s wrong with this guy?

I’ll tell ya what it is. Joe and the rest of the elites don’t have to deal with the consequences of their shitty decisions. That’s it in a nutshell. High gas prices? Oh, well. Empty shelves at the grocery store? Guess that’s how it goes. Inflation across the board? Yup. Suck it up. Now suggesting to just fire the few cops we have left? Fuck all of that noise! Joe and the elites have security details. Not us!

Stop being so cavalier about this shit. There are real world consequences for these shitty decisions. Problem is, the people making them never have to pay.

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