Etam Paris. Our New Favorite.

What a relief. We just discovered Etam Paris and it’s our new favorite. Not going to go on and on. Just going to let the video speak for itself.

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But just to give you some insight, here’s a few of the things we are digging about Etam Paris. It’s sexy, yes. It’s also fun. Come on! The tutu? How do you not just love that? Sets a fantastic tone for the rest of the show. Way to go, Etam. Confident, sexy, with a bit of fun mixed in. That is a winner. We’re also digging the mission statement.

“All women are beautiful and we believe in the power of lingerie: that of feeling free in your body and in your head.” -Patricia Tranvouëz , General Manager Etam

Now if we could just figure out what song that was in the beginning of the clip. That tune is so good! If anyone knows, let us know in the comments. Thanks. – M

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