Unlike Jeff Sessions, Merrick Garland Hasn’t Recused Himself

One of Jeff Sessions’s first acts as President Trump’s attorney general was to hand Democrats control of the Department of Justice. Merrick Garland, on the other hand, is keeping the DOJ firmly under his control and using it to persecute political opposition.

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Sessions served as Trump’s first attorney general. And being a typical Republican, he immediately helped the Democrats.

Democrats accused Sessions of lying about not having had contact with Russian officials regarding the 2016 election. They demanded he recuse himself from any investigations into their false allegations of Trump “colluding” with Russia. Ultimately, he obliged the Democrats. That allowed them to have their boys in the DOJ appoint Robert Mueller as special counsel to “investigate” their Trump-Russia conspiracy theory.

And from there the Democrats effectively ran Trump’s DOJ for Trump’s entire administration. Good job, Jeff Sessions.

Enter Merrick Garland, who is entirely different than him.

From the moment Joe Biden stole the 2020 election, no one doubted the Democrats would go after their political opponents with the full force of the federal government. And indeed they have. Garland, as attorney general, has been particularly ruthless.

Garland has gleefully headed the persecution—including the brutal imprisonment—of the January 6 peaceful protesters. His DOJ treats parents as “domestic terrorists” for objecting to the deviancy of public schools. He has deemed “white supremacists” as the top national security threat. And his DOJ recently indicted Steve Bannon for contempt of Congress.

I wonder if all this confuses Sessions? Is he curious as to why Garland hasn’t recused himself from the persecution of political enemies? Does he wonder why Garland isn’t worried about how it might look? Is he asking himself why Garland isn’t concerned about bringing people together instead of dividing them?

Who knows? But the difference in how Sessions acted as AG versus how Garland is acting demonstrates the difference between Democrats and Republicans.

And it shows why the Democrats have conquered America.

Top Image: Excerpt of Jeff Sessions’s official attorney general photograph.

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