Woman on Flight Won’t Stop Breastfeeding Her Hairless Cat

We’re not sure if we can make it past the mental image of this one, but here we are. You read the headline and somehow you’re still here. Thank you for that. A woman on a Delta flight was caught breastfeeding her hairless cat and wouldn’t stop.

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There’s so much to think about here. First, breastfeeding a cat. Then, not stopping when someone discovers what you’re doing. Like…she kept going! What’s that about? Mr. Mittens is hungry!

Then throw in the “hairless” cat part of it and you go over the edge. It’s almost like it wouldn’t be soooo bad if it was a regular kitten, with fur (it’s not by the way–it is FAR from okay) but the lack of fur is just weird to begin with.

Then throw in it’s full grown! Too much. I feel sorry for the cat at this point. Born without hair. Not like the other cats…then it doesn’t even get to eat regular cat food. It’s sad really.

Zero winners in this story. Zero. Horrible, sad and weird. Wanna read more? Me too! Here’s a link!

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2 comments on “Woman on Flight Won’t Stop Breastfeeding Her Hairless Cat

  1. Stu Houser says:

    Hey bro … I thank you for the laughter that your post and videos bring. It’s a very sad state that we’re all going thru. I appreciate your efforts to help us get thru this mire.
    God bless you and me too!
    Your friend
    Stu Houser
    ( Stubbs Canrun)

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      You’re awesome! Thank YOU!

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