Pumped Up Music Fit for a King…or Queen

The year 2022 is here! As the dust fades from the Christmas and New Year responsibilities, it is time to take a look at how you’re going to continue to take on more of madness that comes with each new year. There is really one one way forge ahead in my opinion: like the badass King — or Queen — you are!

Like all the years prior, first week of 2022 includes a celebration in some regions of either Dia de Reyes Magos (Kings Day) or Epiphany. This celebrates when some Eastern Kings came to pay homage to one small, and very significant new king in the Christian world. Whether you celebrate this or not, there’s no reason not to maintain that level of hope for the future.

One way I keep my hopes up, even when everything seems stacked against me, is by cranking some motivating music, and in my house everything from Mozart to Metallica can fit that bill.

For this week, let’s focus on being that king with a few ditties to help you pump your fist, stomp your feet or bang your head. Start with one of my favorites to make you jump on your metaphorical motorcycle and hit the engine instrumental: “Yahoos and Triangles” from Arizona’s The Refreshments. Most good folks know it better as the King of the Hill Theme.

“King of Rock”

Next up, is some old school Gen-X metal-tinged rap from the always cool RUN DMC. This video is what made the 80s so awesome. There’s a criss-cross of genres, cultures, and some gratuitous Larry “Bud” Melman. Put on your crown or cool black bowler.

“King of Swing”

Are we ready to move now? Do you feel your bones a’shakin’ and your temperature rising? If so, you’re ready to start dancing like you mean it to one of the bands who owned the swing music revival of the late 1990s, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy.

“Everywhere I Go (Kings and Queens)”

It’s time to get a little honest with ourselves. We won’t always feel confident. We won’t always feel like riding high during the year, no matter how hard we try. Sometimes, we just want to smash a trash can and not Give a F**k. The band New Politics channels the anarchy, Purge-like punk rock vibe with their 2014 hit. If you feel like just taking things out on a harmless car windshield, please don’t. Instead, turn on this song and have a dance-off with your friends don’t let those negative feelings forget who is boss. If this video holds true, it will make destructive car-smashers’ heads explode.

“Don’t Stop Me Now”

There is only one way to end a list with genuine rock royalty: Queen. It only makes sense, no matter the year Back when writers Neil Gaiman andTerry Pratchett were working on the book “Good Omens,” they theorized “that any cassette left in a car long enough turned into the Best of Queen.” I think they’re right, and Queen knows how to take charge from “We Are The Champions” to “We Will Rock You.” Freddy Mercury and crew also remind us not to let life’s obstacle (or zombies) slow us down. It’s a new year, and we’re ready to have a good time. Don’t stop me now!

The best way to keep up that hope is with confidence, determination, and little bit of smug “can-do” attitude. Be that king or queen and let us rock-n-roll…and rule…our destinies in the coming year.

3 comments on “Pumped Up Music Fit for a King…or Queen

  1. doug welch says:

    Great playlist! Regal even.

    1. The Mgmt. says:

      Agreed! 100%

  2. Lisa Kay says:

    Thank you both, kindly.
    Happy 2022

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