Lockdown Or Nude Beach? They Choose Wisely

We thought it would be a good time to check in with Barefoot Sailing Adventures on YouTube. See what they were up too. And of course, we were completely envious… again. They have a sailboat, and they roam around having laidback adventures. Cool. That also means they have freedom and options. So, a couple months ago they had a choice: Lockdown or Nude beach? They made the right call. In this episode, shot while many of us were told to maintain total fear, they headed to Passage Key in Florida. Took off their clothes. Got some sun. Did some fishing and eliminated some tan lines. Damn. Did we mention how jealous we are? Cause we are. We gotta make some changes. Months more winter ahead. Might need to make the trip to Passage Key. Until then, here’s the video from the geniuses at Barefoot Sailing Adventures.

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