Halo The Series (Trailer) Good Luck With This One

Huh. Who knew? Halo the series. Coming to Paramount + …okay. Well, here’s the trailer. Good luck with this one. This is tough nut to crack. Halo is a beloved video franchise. Like, way beloved. And fans don’t love it for the cut scenes. We dig for the bang bang shooty shooting. Yes, the story of Master Chief and Cortana is fantastic. However, we’ve seen it in the games already. So, now you’re left with Master Chief. A dude who’s known for never taking off his helmet. He just shows up and saves the day. Kinda like, oh I don’t know… The Mandalorian? Yeah. That’s why I wish everyone good luck. Let’s see what the writers do with Halo the series. It comes out on Paramount + in 2022

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