The Meta-Verse Plus Unreal Engine. This Is The Future.

Most people, when they think of Facebooks new META and the Meta-verse, have the image of the Zuckerberg promo in their mind. It looked like something right out of Nintendo’s Wii. Kinda cartoonish and silly. Definitely not threatening. Now check out the Meta-Verse as it will become all because of the Unreal engine. This is a more realistic example of what I think the future will hold.

The Unreal engine is a program for the photorealistic rendering of environments. Video game companies use it all the time. You can make anything. Anything. If you can imagine it? You can build it with Unreal

Anyone can create a 3-D environment. And they can do it for free. You just go to the website, download the software, take the tutorial classes and start creating. I was blown away when I heard they were giving this away. It was months ago. Why would they do that? Why make it free? They want the environments. They being Unreal and META. Thats what I would do. Let everyone create the worlds for you. Then use what you want for the Meta-verse. Ta-da.

As I type this, I have to wonder how many people are out there right now, making the Meta-verse. It has to be a lot. Thousands of photorealistic environments that will be standing by for the new matrix. Let’s be honest, that’s what META will be. Yes, were far away from tactile sensations in the meta-verse and walking around is another big problem. For now. But everything has to start somewhere, and Facebook is not wasting time. They have begun. The first version will be clunky, but they will improve it as they go. While everyone laughs, META will have a monopoly on the online universe. It sounds crazy, I know. Ha! It all sounds crazy until it happens.

We’re on the brink of something really scary. Will we as a species stay in the real world? Or will we choose to live out our lives in the meta-verse? The whole idea of META was a cartoon just a few weeks ago. Look at how far they’ve gone already.

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