Why The Visual Effect In Dune Are So Much Better

Right out of the gate I want to congratulate you clicking on this one. How many people are going to be interested in an article about why the visual effects in Dune are so much better. Right? I’ll tell ya who clicks: Cool people. Inquisitive people. YouTube has been offering up this video to me for the longest time and I finally watched it. Glad I did too!

As someone who is genuinely interested in good story telling this one made a ton of sense. It’s all about the lighting baby! It was right there the whole time! Ha! When VFX artists light the scene as if it were REALLY HAPPENING, it makes all the difference. It should be the number one rule for every movie. What of this were REALLY HAPPENING? What would it look/sound like? Biggest of shout outs to YouTuber Thomas Flight who put this video together. Hopefully more VFX companies will realize the easy fixable mistake and make more movies hit that next level.

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